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Aryk Copley

Born in Santa Rosa, CA

After a years long recovery from a brain injury that left me with a lifelong visual impairment, I've reestablished my relationship with the world through journalism and photography.

I suffered a brain injury at the age of 18 that left me with a lifelong visual impairment. I went undiagnosed for several years and developed debilitating agoraphobia, never going outside for more than an hour or two at a time for years. 

After finally reaching a diagnoses, I began the long road to overcoming my fear of open spaces. Photography became my way of reestablishing my relationship to the outdoors, and I eventually turned that coping mechanism into a small business. Now I seek to fully immerse myself in the world, and photojournalism has become integral to that journey. I seek out meaningful, human stories to experience and translate into powerful visual narratives. 


2022 - JACC Online Photo Story/Essay, 1st Place
2022 - JACC On-the-Spot Award, Feature Writing, 1st Place

2021 - SPJ Mark of Excellence, Breaking News Photo, Finalist
2021 - CNPA 2-Year Colleges, News Photo, 1st & 4th Place
2021 - JACC Online Photo Story/Essay, 1st Place


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